…But God I have done all I can do!!!

🔴Have you ever been at the end of your rope where you have felt that you’ve done all you could do? 🔴Pushed yourself to the limits and have nothing left? 🔴Prayed to God for strength but still somehow feel empty? Yep I have been there too… Living a life for Christ isn’t easy, you must…

The Celebrity Chef that inspired me… PART 2!!👨🏽‍🍳🍽

Hey everyone!!!! I have missed you all❤️❤️ Some amazing things have been happening in my life (We will save that for my next post). This post is about a man who inspired me a while ago, through telling me his own personal story through our brief encounter! In my mind, I was certain that I…

Relationships- The Top 10 PART 2. (Male Edition)

Hi Ladies & Gents! I created the first post similar to this one for the women, men have requested that I create one for them. There’s no right or wrong answers, my new saying for 2016 is that “No one has mastered this thing called life, but we are all masters of our own experiences”….

Relationships- The Top 10!

Hi Ladies & Gents! I wanted to switch things up this time around. I wanted to invite two guests to make things a little bit interesting. I asked two different women who know nothing about each other to answer the same questions about relationships so that we can create a discussion about how they think….