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The Official Ms. Spicy real name is Troyniesha Terrance, born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana and she has been involved in the Fashion Industry since the age of 15. She has worked for New Orleans Fashion Week for a few years, backstage as a stylist, and production assistant. She has also worked as a personal stylist for several models here in New Orleans, and even branched out to The Bronner Brothers Hair Show in Atlanta, Georgia as a stylist during their Fashion Shows! These credentials alone sparked a passion within her to become a designer and create clothes for children. Her brand name is called ‘The Spicy Collection’ and her target market is girls and boys age 5-13yrs old. The very first Spicy Collection was launched in June of 2014. September 2016, she launched a mini fall collection. July 2017, she will launch her summer collection for children.

June of 2017, Ms. Spicy overcame a major milestone in her life, she graduated with her degree in Fashion and Retail Management from the ART INSTITUTE OF PITTSBURGH! There were several obstacles that got in her way of finishing her degree but Glory to God, she finished strong!

The other portion of this website is her blogs, Ms. Spicy has been a writer for a very long time. Writing is therapeutic for her, she write about lessons that she’s learned throughout life, and is still learning. She also write about encounters that she’s had with other people and talk about the lessons that she’s learned through those enteractions. 

She look forward to connecting with you, we hope you all enjoy her page!!! 

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