Decisions, decisions, decisions🤦🏽‍♀️

Over the years I have struggled with finding my balance in life… if it’s not one thing it’s another.

🔴Start a workout plan ( eating right, exercising) etc., then boom my schedule changes at work and it knocks me off my plans🤦🏽‍♀️

🔴Start blogging consistently, then boom… I’m uninterested again… even though I find therapy in it. Strange huh?… yea I know.

🔴Start cooking consistently again, and boom work jumps in the way and I no longer have time. Or don’t make time like I should.

So I find myself at crossroads often in life whether good or bad.

Decisions Decisions Decisions … decisions is something that I have always tried to avoid in my life but no matter how far I run there is always a time where I’m faced with the task of deciding between THIS OR THAT. I’m sure you are wondering (How do you avoid making decisions🤔) glad you asked!

Simple, when it’s time to chose, I would push it off as long as possible

The instability of my life has every bit to do with my decision making, where I place my values, morals, beliefs… what’s more important in my life?!?

So… truth is… life will always change… work will always throw a curve ball…. there may never be “perfect” moments to do something…

Soooooooooo……What do you do??

Now let’s take it a step further… what do you do when God makes the decision for you?? He shows you plain and clear what it is and the route you are supposed to take!!

Can I be honest for a moment?

I asked God to show me something and he did, it was so plain and clear that I couldn’t miss it! But then a big part of me became a little upset because I wasn’t ready to do what he told me. Decisions decisions decisions 🤦🏽‍♀️ Even though I wasn’t ready to do it, that didn’t mean God had changed his mind about the end result… It was truth or dare at that point. Either do what he say, or do what he say… there was no other option.

But then I realized something, if I would’ve asked him earlier on, I wouldn’t be in this predicament I am in now!

Bottom line is, we all have decisions to make… and no matter how big or small that decision is…you have to do something! Sometimes we make good decisions and sometimes they are bad. We can’t live in fear of what the outcome will be, as long as you made the decision in good faith….leave the rest up to God.

Lessons: Prioritize & Balance your life out according to Gods way and not your own. Instability has more to do with where you place your values in life, as opposed to “Not having Time”. Remember: When you do nothing, you are still doing something… so make your mind up!

So now the question is, Will you make the decision, or will you let the decision make you?

Prayer: Father God bless the person reading this post, give them the wisdom and the knowledge to make sound and wise decisions in life. You are a God or order and structure and you desire consistency out of us. Help us to remain consistent in an inconsistent world. Help us to drown out the noise of life and progress forward to bigger and better. Put us back on track when we slip Lord, remind us that finishing a thing is better than the beginning. As long as we finish. So help us stay on track with what’s most important in life. In Jesus Name, Amen🙏🏽


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