The Celebrity Chef that Inspired Me! Part 1.πŸ‘¨πŸ½β€πŸ³πŸ½


Hi everyone,

I know it has been a while since I posted on here, but it was for a great reason. I have been dealing with my own issues, all while attempting to learn the lessons that each trial has shown me. Normally, I blog through it all but this time was different, I had no strength to blog through it. However, I have always found joy and great revelation through other people.

I had the pleasure of meeting a celebrity chef by the name of Lanney Smith. Upon meeting him I had no idea who he was. Judging based on his looks, while he was exiting a hospital, he looked tired, completely worn out, and might I add; angry. During our brief encounter he proceeds to ask me, if I knew who he was. I responded, “No Sir, I don’t!” He then, explains that he is a celebrity chef and has had the pleasure of cooking for some of world’s most greatest entertainers; Tina Turner, Elton John…just to name a few.

His reason for being at the hospital was to be treated for his Alcohol addiction. I asked if he was married, and he said his wife died several years ago, and his daughter was murdered.  (SIDE NOTE:) The entire time I thought this name was crazy and completely telling me lies, but I listened to him anyway.

Next, he explains his failing health, and that he had a tour to go on this upcoming September. “I can’t go on tour like this. I am trying to clean myself up!”

I immediately started to encourage him, letting him know that he would get the help he needed, but to also comply with the treatment to maximize his detox process. Before leaving his presence, he said, google me..Chef Lanney Smith. I was actually in a rush to leave and I promised him that I would do it later. Sure enough, hours late I googled him and several articles came up. It was in fact, the celebrity chef Lanney Smith.

The deaths of his wife and daughter sent him into a deep depression that caused him to drink himself into several heart attacks. He has been struggling to continue on with his life ever since. In that short amount of time, I was inspired by him for many reasons.

  1. Inspite of all that he has been through, he has still found the courage to seek helf from his addiction.
  2. He never forgot who he was. Often times we can lose our sense of purpose in the midst of tragedy.
    “Do you know that I raised 500,000 for Saint Jude by myself?”
    Now that I’m reflecting back on our conversation it was almost as if, he was reminding himself of who he was, and what he has accomplished as opposed to telling it to me.
  3. “I have a tour to go on in September, I can’t go like this!” Having a drug addiction is no joke. However, he was still looking forward to his tour, and focused on getting clean.


I’m sure you may be saying…where is Spicy going with all of this….Glad you asked.

Well, I have been recently struggling to pick up some broken pieces in my life. Several situations have caught me completely of guard and it has been taking me longer than normal to keep moving forward. While life is fastly moving, and yes I am moving with it….the struggle has been mental. You can live your life all you want, but you can be mentally stuck in your past. In Chef Lanney’s darkest hour of dealing with his addiction he has no idea how he inspired me to KEEP IT MOVING! Out of all that he was dealing he was still focusing on getting better, to go back to doing what he love-Cooking. Not even his Alcohol addiction could stop him from pursuing his purpose. Not even his deep depression could allow him to forget how he helped people throughout his life.

The Lord sent him to me for a reason, and I learned the lesson quick. No matter who we are, what we do, how many college degrees we have, how much money we make…..No one is exempt from falling! The question is what will you do after the fall? Do you stay there? Do you neglect your Destiny? Your purpose for living/being? Do you throw it all away for one moment of pain?


I am praying, reading my bible asking the Lord to heal all the broken places in my life. Asking him to fill every void, heal every wound both mentally/physically, continue giving me vision for the future. (SIGH)

All it takes is one moment to fall apart……& all it takes is one move from God to put you back together again! I am a living witness of what the power of the Holy Spirit can do in and through you! & I pray the same for Mr. Smith.


Prayer for Chef Lanney Smith!- Father God, I come to you in the name of Jesus asking that you heal Mr. Smith. Not only heal his physical body but heal him mentally. Grant the peace and understanding that he need to overcome the depression from the deaths of his wife and daughter. Surround him with the love he need to regain his sight. The sight he needs to see YOU, that YOU are the healer, deliverer, waymaker. Everything he needs YOU are! Help him to understand that Destiny was placed on the inside of him before you formed him in his mother’s womb. You called him to cook, you called him to people, to make people smile through cooking. You gave him the gift, stir it up within him. Provide him with the doctors that he need to overcome his addiction. Not only heal him, but heal him so that he never feel like he have to touch an alcohol bottle again. In Jesus Name, Amen.




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