The Road To Graduation





I could vividly remember being a Senior in High School preparing  (well….pretending to be prepare) I had “plans” to attend Xavier University here in New Orleans for pharmacy. I was a Senior that watched all of my classmates take the ACT for college, fill out FAFSA, and make arrangements to move out of their parents house for the big move in day into their dorms. At the time I was working at K-Mart, which was my very first job…one of my co-workers wanted to be a pharmacy technician, and she was telling me that she didn’t have to take the ACT, she went to a community college and was able to work as a technician. Searching for the easy route, I was going to do what she said, and present my “new plan” to my family.

Well..needless to say…upon talking with my God-Mother about becoming a Pharmacist, she quickly said, “That’s not what the Lord has called you to do”.

I was saying to myself, “What do he want me to do then? Pharmacy is what will make me money”  (SIDE NOTE:: I HATE CHEMISTRY) & any smart person with a brain should know that Chemistry is an important part to becoming a Pharmacist! (SILLY ME)

She proceeded to tell me that it was my calling to be a designer in the Fashion Industry!

Long Story short, I worked 9months and saved $2500 to buy my first car! Moved to Atlanta to attend a Community college for business management! I struggled severely, barely had money, trying to maintain grades, trying to keep the job I had even though they wasn’t giving me many hours….it was rough!

4 months into college in Atlanta, while I was in church, I received a phone call that my female cousin was killed in New Orleans! I was devastated, I had lost all hope of finishing school, I was depressed! I ended up moving back to New Orleans, and had NO intention on finishing school.

Well…I talked to an Academic Counselor at the Art Institute who recommended that I finish online so that I can still work and be able to do my homework assignments. By the grace of God and a strong support system….I graduated college from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh with my Degree in Fashion & Retail Management!

I am a self taught designer, and honestly LOVE what I do!

Reflection: What if I didn’t listen to my God-Mother when God put it on her heart to tell me not to go to Pharmacy School? (Not that I thought I was going to get in anyway LOL) Sometimes, truth come in all different forms….it’s up to us to listen! I started out as a Stylist in the Fashion Industry but at the time, I didn’t think that’s what I wanted to do long term. Needless to say, I’m in love with my brand as a Designer and thank God that he used my God-Mother to draw out of me, what he instilled in me.

My first fashion collection came out in 2014 at my very own first fashion show. My second collection was launched at the  university of New Orleans for a major event called ‘STRUT FOR A SCHOLAR’ (SIDE NOTE: THE DIRECTOR OF THE SHOW FOUND ME ON INSTAGRAM) a portion of the proceeds from the show goes into a scholarship to help someone about to go to college. I am excited to announce that my brand ‘The Spicy Collection’ has been invited back for UNO STRUT FOR A SCHOLAR FASHION SHOW!!! This year I will launch my boys Collection along with my girls for the show. This will be a much anticipated collection considering that everyone was begging me to design for boys!!! 

Moral of the story is….don’t chase a check…chase your Destiny & the Lord will provide you with everything that you needπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

Prayer:: Lord help us to seek you to reveal our Destiny!!! Guard our hearts against chasing a check because that check will only fulfill temporary needs… instead fill us with the hunger to pursue what you’ve created us to do because as long as we’re chasing Destiny….wealth will come to us. Block out all doubt and fear of moving forward. Block out any distractions that could potentially hinder us from moving forward. Give us the strength to let go of anything and anyone who can cause us to abort the calling on our lives. We understand that the road won’t be easy but give us the confidence to know that as long as we’re in your will for our lives….we will be okπŸ™

In Jesus Name, Amen! -Spicy

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