The 25th Lesson!!!

In this season of my life The Lord has humbled me down to the lowest version of myself. God has a strategic way of breaking us down…not to kill us but to teach us lessons that sometimes only pain can teach. I can honestly say that these last few years of my life has been the most exciting, scary, trying, emotional, spiritual awakening…time of my life. The highs and lows…the laughs…the tears…it all served a purpose for me. 

My 25th lesson was exposing the PRIDE within me. As a young woman who desires to be married and have children someday, I was ashamed to even be counseled on any word remotely close to PRIDE. The reason being is because I thought I had mastered it…but God started to reveal to me how it showed up in several different areas of my life. 

I wasn’t proud of it & I immediately started to deal with the areas of my life where pride would show up. What I love about God is that he show you what you need to work on and always put the thought in my mind “How would you feel if your children did it?” 

Some people may say…you don’t have children so what does that have to do with anything???


At 25, I’ve come to realize more and more the importance of constantly growing and evolving into who God wants you to be. Staying the same is for those who don’t desire to achieve anything in life..they’re complacent and have become comfortable with where they are..


The Lord made it all plain and clear to me as to why it’s important to always examine yourself and get rid of people and things that’s not like him..EVEN if the things that’s not like him…is lurking inside of me.

How I act around my children…how I raise them up…the morals and values I instill in them will ultimately shape and mold them into adulthood. I want to be the best example for them that I wished I saw growing up. I want them to understand that no one is perfect but God…but they must always do a SELF CHECK to make sure their attitude and motives are always pure. 

Pride has a way of wrapping itself up with a bow and making itself look good so that you’re completely unaware that you’re being prideful. It will make you think you’re right..when you’re completely wrong!! It has a way of sneaking in and governing your every that you no longer operate out of a spirit of love but a prideful spirit.

Getting rid of anything that you’ve been dealing with for years won’t be easy…but every day I strive to make sure I SELF CHECK my motives and behavior. Judgemental, Self-Righteousness, Control…are just to name a few of the many ways pride can show up in your life.

I am grateful for Gods love that he showers down upon me..wiping my tears and gently helping me back up when I fall. His love and patience is everlasting and comforting knowing that he will never leave me. Serving a God who isn’t concerned about your OUTER BEAUTY but your INNER BEAUTY is heartwarming. It’s heartwarming because he makes sure that I’m complete lacking nothing. What good would I be if I maneuvered throughout life dressing up my outer appearance and never examining my heart. 


This scripture is what guides me in life…I vowed to always make sure that my heart was guarded…especially from Pride. It has no place in my life and I am proud to say that I’m conscious of my actions now and before I left pride rise up…I SELF CHECK before i wreck myself.

Prayer: Lord, Thank you for allowing me to see 25 years on this earth. As you shift me into this new season of my life guard my heart, and my mind so that I can see clear..that I can think clear and be sensitive to hear what your Holy Spirit is saying to me. Pride has no place in my life and I decree and declare that it is gone. I shall walk into my Destiny..I shall be all that you’ve called me to be. & when I fall Lord, Thank you for vowing in your word to never leave me nor forsake me. Get rid of all people and in things in my life that’s not like you. Help me to sustain the experiences you take me through…both good and bad..for I know that you cause all things to work together for my good. & even when my life doesn’t go my way, I can still rest in your peace knowing that you have a plan even when I can’t see my way. In Jesus Name, AmenπŸ™

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