Behind the Scenes!

I had a conversation with a successful businessman the other day, he was in New Orleans working on a major event that he was as the Co-Director for. During the conversation he shared with me some of the ‘behind the scenes” stuff that went on while rehearsing for the play, and in the conversation, I stated, “I’m sure people look at you being successful, but don’t know all that you had to go through ‘behind the scenes’ in your own personal life!”


He proceeded to talk about the times where he lived in his parents garage (AS AN ADULT), paying them rent just as he would in his own apartment. Once he moved out to pursue his career, something happened within that process where he ended up having to move back home….but his parents was already remodeling their basement. He ended up sleeping on his parents floor for an entire year while trying to go after his career. As a grown man sleeping on your parent’s floor, trying to go to school, trying to stay focused, trying to remain positive, remaining persistent even though many people told him NO within the process of building his career.

What I admired about him the most….wasn’t his current title as Co-Director for this major event. It wasn’t his 6 figure salary he was currently making at the moment. It was the perseverance, drive, consistency that he showed throughout the entire process. Building your career can be tough sometimes, because we see so much and deal with so much ‘behind the scenes’ that no one may ever know about. What good is your story if you stop writing the book in the middle? What good is your story, if you publish a half-written story? If you quit in the middle…what happens next?

Our lives is just like writing a book, there’s different chapters and pages that come together to tell a story! YOUR STORY, MY STORY!

We can’t give up on life, no matter how hard it gets. It sounds great typing all of this, but in all actuality…life can knock you down so hard sometimes you don’t even know what hit you! Your loved ones die, you lose your job, your marriage fail, you can’t find a job even though you have a degree!! I would be here typing alllllll night describing the many things that could happen in our lives that can ultimately encourage us to give up!


James 1: 2-4 in the Living Bible states:

Dear brothers, is your life full of difficulties and temptations? Then be happy, for when the way is rough, your patience has a chance to grow. So let it grow, and don’t try to squirm out of your problems. For when your patience is finally in full bloom, then you will be ready for anything, strong in character, full and complete.

Often times, we (Myself Included) try to pray our problems away! We get so consumed in the (WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE & WHY’S) that we forget what our current trials are teaching us. It’s normal to wonder why certain things are happening…but the problem comes in when we have a negative attitude the entire time during our trials.

God wants us to change our mindset when we’re going through things, everything happens for a reason, and a season. Nothing lasts forever. Our trials are only temporary, and just like the scripture says, “Don’t try to squirm out of your problems…” I used to get so mad that my life wasn’t going MY WAY, that I lost sight of the entire reason those things was happening. I wanted to run from my problems, instead of face them, and I ended up with even BIGGER PROBLEMS! See, some people got it alllll wrong…your problems don’t go away because you don’t want to deal with them. What happens is, you run into ANOTHER SITUATION that has the EXACT SAME issue, and there it goes once again….confronting you face to face!

I’m learning to embrace EVERY situation that comes my way. I’m learning to open up my mind, and to stop thinking that every trial is there to harm me. Looking back over my life, every trial served a GREATER PURPOSE for me. It taught me perseverance…just like the successful businessman I met. It taught me that it was ok to start small in my career even if that meant (Sleeping on the Floor) until I was able to get on my feet….just like the man!

I’ve learned that in order to be successful….it has nothing to do with the amount of money I’ll make, or the title that I’ll have. It has everything to do with my character to sustain where God will eventually take me. Trails serve a purpose and teach you lessons to build character and help you to grow. Becoming successful is easy for some people, but will their character keep them there?! If we try to quit the process and stop writing the book, we will be half done…not fully developed to deal with the many different things that come along with being successful.

I made a conscious decision to continue writing my book, no matter how messy the story may get, no matter who ends up leaving my life, no matter who comes along…my behind the scenes was preparation for the BIG EVENT!

*Don’t give up! Keep fighting! Keep Persevering! Keep Praying! Keep Praying! Keep Praying!

I will leave you with this scripture & Prayer…

Ecclesiastes (NLT)”Finishing is better than starting! Patience is better than pride!

Prayer: Lord we come to you asking for your strength! Strength to endure everything that we are facing and will face! For we know that whatever you bring us to, you’ll always bring us through! Reveal your plan to us God, we know that everything serves a purpose for your glory, even when it doesn’t look like it! You desire for us to be MADE WHOLE, lacking nothing-therefore, each trial and tribulation you bring us through ‘behind the scenes’ is nothing more than to help us grow and  learn new lessons. Change our mindset as we go through our storms! Give us peace to rest in you, knowing that you’ll never leave us nor forsake us. In Jesus Name, Amen.-Spicy

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  1. Hi Michelle!!! Thanks for taking time out to comment on my blog…and I am extremely happy that you was able to get something out it. Our “behind the scenes” is our rehearsal before God actually launch us out for the big show. The storms of our lives come to teach us things…it builds us up even though we feel like breaking down. God has unique ways of getting our attention…it’s ultimately up to us to pay attention. God bless you.


  2. michelle says:

    wow! what an awesome word from the Lord for me.. been up since 1 a.m. now its 3:30 and I needed to see this. I started writing my book and its not completely finished its still being written..some people may leave my life and I do see the Lord placing new people around me to help me grow. What I also found out is that everybody not meant to come with you where God is taking you to.I noticed my character building and the Lord is toughening me up through the storms of life. I have to continue writing and perservering and pressing toward the mark of my high calling. If God is for me who can be against me..


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