75 years of experience!

A while back I was blessed with an amazing opportunity to have a conversation with a 75 year old woman. I especially love talking to older people because the stories that they have to tell are the absolutely best. Their wisdom from lessons learned and advice on life in general is what us young men and women need to hear.

However, she proceeded to tell me about her life….she was in a relationship with a married man at the age of 15, he was 10 years older than her at the time, which would’ve made him 25 at that time. He had 3 children with his current wife (at that time), and during that time they was going through really tough times in their marriage when he met Ms. Sylvia. Although, he had a wife already and children to take care of, he also provided for Ms. Sylvia as well.

She proceeded to explain that he ended up divorcing his wife for her, he was a hard working man, paid ALL of the bills in house, and a gambler. She told me that she didn’t want for anything, she had no worries, he “TOOK GOOD CARE OF ME!”, she said. Throughout the years, he changed his life, no longer gambled, joined church and was proud deacons in the house of the Lord. Her husband brought her the house of her dreams, it was literally EVERYTHING that she had ever wanted.

Sad to say, her husband ended up dying at the age of 73, she was  63 at that time. This caused her to fall into a severely deep depression; she stopped going to church, started gambling, and eventually lost the house of her dreams that her husband paid for. Since, her husband paid EVERY bill they ever had, she never kept up with the due dates of those bills. Before you know it she lost control of almost every aspect of her life, including herself. Instead of staying in church and allowing God to heal her broken heart, she completely walked away from her faith, and everything that she ever knew about Christ.

After a long hard stare in my eyes, she said, “I turned my back on God when my husband died and I lost everything! That was the biggest mistake of my life. I would never do that again. Young lady! Listen to me,  NEVER EVER turn your back on God. I suffered when I left God, and I am 75 years old and still recovering from all that I lost”.

It was amazing how God allowed me to meet her considering the fact that I was going through some things in my life where it tested every ounce of my faith. I would be a liar if I said that trusting in God is 100% easy, cause it’s not. However, if you told me to look back over my life and point out all the times God brought me out of situations that I thought was IMPOSSIBLE….I would have several stories to tell you! That fact alone, allows me to gather myself and continue trusting in God’s word.

Before she and I departed, she told me that she got back in church and attend service EVERY sunday! She asked God to forgive her for her sins, and vowed that no matter what happens in her life, she will NEVER stop trusting in God’s ability to bring her out of any tough situation!


PRAYER: Father God, Thank you for being an awesome God! Thank you for forgiving our sins. Allowing us to grow through our mistakes, and learn lessons that only our pain can teach us. Give us strength to trust in you no matter what comes our way! Though sometimes the struggle seems impossible to overcome, through you ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE! Whenever doubt creeps in, let us NEVER forget the victories you’ve already overcame on our behalf. In Jesus Name, Amen.


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