Pushing forward no matter what!

As you all know, I was invited to be a featured designer for the  University of New Orleans annual Strut for A Scholar Fashion Show! A portion of the proceeds will go into a scholarship to help someone whose about to enter into college!

I had to gather up models, get fabric, music selection, guest list, and soooo much more. I am also a Senior in college with only 3 classes left before I am done. However, in the midst of it all, my best-friend and my God daughter both was hospitalized in the ICU with a condition that could have almost killed them….

Anything that could’ve went wrong did, all while I’m trying to stay sane through it all. I must be honest and admit that I almost lost hold of my faith and gave in to what the devil wanted me too. God quickly reminded me, as he always do…that in this life I will face adversities…things won’t always go as planned…time won’t always be on my side, even though I planned ahead…I won’t always come out squeaky clean, I may have to get bruised before I come out of certain things.

Sad enough, but it was true! God wants us to be prepared for the unexpected things in life. Those things that we didn’t see coming, and can ultimately knock us off of our feet, but as long as we keep our eyes focused on him and not the situation itself (ALTHOUGH THIS CAN BE HARD)…we will come out on top!!! I started to pray, and thank God for healing for my best-friend and God daughter, I prayed for everything to work out according to God’s will for this fashion show….even if his will isn’t what I had in mind. Sometimes its hard to give the situation over to God not knowing what his will is. His will may be for you to go through the pain and grow stronger through it….but of course, we always want the easy route.

I prayed for peace that surpassed all my understanding. I wanted God to comfort me through this because at one point I almost lost sight of the bigger picture…but God caught me right on time. His love never fails, his strength has ALWAYS been made perfect within my every weakness. God has never failed me, nor will he. Its us that feel bad when God’s plan isn’t what we thought it would be….we even sometimes feel like he didn’t come through for us because the bad part still happened. What if, he designed it that way? For us to go through the storm to teach us a lesson within the rain? What if, he meant for that loved one to get sick in order for you to appreciate that person more? What if, that loved one had to die in order for you to see things clearer?

We have no clue why God does things that way that he do, but we can rest assured that every step we take is ordered. Nothing is a coincidence, nothing “JUST HAPPENS”. EVERYTHING happens for a reason. No matter where God take me, Good, Bad, or Indifferent….I am confident that it will all work out in the end….IT ALWAYS HAS, & ALWAYS WILL!

With that being said, my best-friend and God daughter has fully recovered and will be out of the hospital tomorrow! Everything for the fashion show is starting to come together! I have my classes in order for me to graduate! & I still have my FAITH IN GOD!

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future” Jeremiah 29:11

PRAYER: Father forgive us for doubting what you can do. Forgive us for putting you in boxes that we created that ultimately limits who you are in our mind. Help us to see that you don’t fit in a box…your bigger than that! You don’t think like we do…your bigger than that! Give us peace within our storms to go through and know that as long as your hand is on our lives…the storm won’t kill us, but will grow us up!

In Jesus Name,





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