Relationships- The Top 10 PART 2. (Male Edition)

Hi Ladies & Gents!

I created the first post similar to this one for the women, men have requested that I create one for them. There’s no right or wrong answers, my new saying for 2016 is that “No one has mastered this thing called life, but we are all masters of our own experiences”. Therefore, we will be open to agree and disagree if need be. Ladies please comment & share your thoughts.

Now let’s get to the Good Stuff!!!!!

I wanted to ask the same questions as I did for the women but I switched it up a little.


1. Do you date women based upon looks or her personality? 

2. Do you think some men provoke their women to cheat?

3.What scares you the most about dating in this day & age?

4. What are some Characteristics that you look for in a mate?

5. What are your deal breakers in a Relationship? 

6. Do you think some men set their standards too high for a relationship? Are you too picky as it relates to a woman?

7. Besides from the wrongs that the women have done in your relationships, have you ever stopped and thought that you played a part in the wrongs as well?

8.Why do you think that men are blamed as the primary reason for break-ups?

9. If a woman is established in her career, and is successful; would you be intimidated to approach her, if you didn’t match her status?

10. Do you think that some women have gone too far by taking on masculine tendencies being the “independent woman” because of being hurt by men too many times? 

Keep scrolling & Share your thoughts below!!!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Wow!!!! I truly appreciate you for responding….these are some great answers!!!

    I laughed at this part….”Deal breakers for me is smoking. If it’s not smoked turkey smoked ham LOL I can’t deal with you”. SMOKED HAM LOL I CAN’T DEAL WITH YOU.

    *Relationships can be tough sometimes, and it can also be a joy! The blessing is finding someone who will deal with your issues, and vice versa. No matter what relationship you’re in, there will always be things that will frustrate the two of you…weighing the good and the bad is always a must.


  2. 1. Well your first interest of a woman is her looks then when you get to know her you start to like her personality or not LOL. So it goes hand-in-hand.
    2. You never provoked anyone to cheat. I was always told to walk away before you cheat. Now can you push a woman away, yes you can.
    3. Infidelity and the reason behind getting into relationship and a person’s ulterior motive in getting into a relationship with that particular person scares me
    4. I look for honesty loyalty and communication skills. I look for somebody who is not serious all the time who can laugh and be playful at times. I also look for someone who is sexual like I am who likes intimacy and romance.
    5. Deal breakers for me is smoking. If it’s not smoked turkey smoked ham LOL I can’t deal with you. I hate when every word out of your mouth is a curse word. If you can’t communicate better then I can’t be with you. It shows your maturity level and your communication skills.
    6. My standards aren’t High low-medium my standards or what it is. I’m not too picky I like what I like just like any other person. Everyone has faults but it’s the ones that you can tolerate they keep you around.
    7. No one plays the wrong of what a woman does she does wrong because she wants to do or vice a versa
    8. Men are blind for reasons of break up because they are normally the ones that get caught doing wrong
    9. No woman intimidates me whether they make more money or have a better career. It actually makes our position in life better if she likes me for who I am and not what I have.
    10. Yes I think women has gone too far with taking a manly Tendencies and being Independent Women. It’s okay to be an independent woman taking care of yourself your kids and your life but when you’re in a relationship there’s no more independent. But you are who you are so your true self will automatically come out. So if you want a man and a relationship and love that person will break down.

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