Yep I said Sew-Frustrated. I said that because last week I started sewing on my own with a pattern for the very first time and it was the opposite of everything I thought it would be. First off, fashion is my life and will be apart of me forever therefore; starting off I was super excited, and anxious to start sewing alone. Well- before you know it, it was very difficult for me to understand the instructions on the pattern, my fabric kept moving out of place while I was sewing, I kept messing up which caused for me to rip up  what I did and start all over again each time. I started to get angry, and very frustrated. The little patience I thought I had was gone.

God, quickly reminded me of something in those moments of my frustration…..sewing was a lot like life….we start out with a plan, excited to start something new and move forward….but suddenly things from every angle starts to come your way (negativity, your past, family members, friends. etc.) & before you know it, you’re angry, discouraged, and all off focus from the main reason you started this journey in the first place. Life was just like sewing in those moments for me, somethings in life is hard to understand like the pattern. You try your best to walk a fine line but just like the fabric…we start slipping away from God and our purpose….But Why? Just like sewing, when I messed up, I had to rip it and start over just like life.

But something happened….even in my frustration the determination to learn everything that I set out to learn from the beginning started to push me forward. If I messed up, I sucked up my PRIDE and ripped the thread to start over. When the fabric slipped, I took more pins to secure it down in order for the needle to thread the garment in a fine line. The parts of the pattern that I didn’t understand, I googled and found additional resources to help me understand better.

God used this lesson with sewing to reveal how much I didn’t have patience like I thought I had. I wasn’t as humble as I should have been. Isn’t it funny how we resent certain situations in our lives but don’t realize that the struggle is revealing something about ourselves. The struggle tests our strength, reveals the core of our character, who we are as a person in God.

I have a new attitude towards sewing now, I use my frustration to push me towards finishing the garment instead of getting mad at the process. So, once again…God’s word still prevails and will always be proven true ….” All things will work together for the good to those who love God, to those who are called according to his purpose” (Romans 8:28)

God connected the dots for me…

Sewing was the thing that was frustrating me….BUT sewing revealed how impatient and prideful I was….sewing revealed how I used YouTube to take the shortcut instead of attempting to understand those difficult instructions on the pattern….in the end it caused me to re-examine my heart, fix my attitude, kill my Goliath called Pride, and humble myself above all else.


Finish what God told you to start. Whatever it was that you was so passionate about until you got frustrated and quit. Learn your lesson from it and start over. God never meant for you to stop, he was revealing something to you, about you.



God, forgive us for resenting our issues, open our eyes wide enough to see what you’re teaching us in the spirit realm. Create in us a clean heart God, and renew a loyal spirit within us. Convict us when we get prideful, ungrateful, not humble…show us what lurks on the seat of our hearts that’s not pleasing in your site. We understand that all have fallen short of the Glory, but God we want to be made right within you. There’s nothing too hard, or impossible for you. In Jesus Name, Amen!!!




With Love,

Ms. Spicy



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