I didn’t plan for this…

Ever wondered why certain things happened the way that they did?…I know I’m not the only one. All those awkward, heartbreaking, hilarious moments that ultimately lead you down paths that you never thought you’d cross! God has a way of waking us up and shifting our lives in directions that WE never PLANNED FOR. See!! That is the key of this entire message….Those things in life WE didn’t plan for.

We don’t control what God already ordained to happen. He’s the director, and we are simply actors in his creation. Now don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with having goals and aspirations for yourself in life. However, the final decision is ultimately up to Jesus. The best part about having Christ as our Lord & Savior is that even in the tough times he’s still right there with us. He causes EVERYTHING TO WORK TOGETHER FOR OUR GOOD.

I know that this is easier said than done, but we gotta trust and believe that God will work things out. What’s funny is that at 24 I’ve been through soooo many situations where either money was tight, I was faced with a tough decision etc. and as I was right in heart of worrying and taking matters into my own hands to “FIX” my situation….God showed up right on time for me. To this day whenever my flesh rise up and tries to get ahead of God, he quickly reminded me that HE GOT ME, HE NEVER FAILED ME, HE LOVES ME, IT WILL ALL WORK OUT, DO NOT FEAR FOR HE IS WITH ME.

On the other hand, God plans were ALWAYS the best option for me. He know us and will ALWAYS know what’s best for us.


MY PRAYER TO GOD: Lord help us to look at out situations through our spiritual eyes instead of our natural eyes. Confirm your word to us, and assure us that you will come through on our behalf. Cast down any fear that we have lingering within our heart Lord. You have never failed and won’t start now. IN JESUS NAME. AMEN.




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  1. You are not alone hunny….trust me. I recently went through a situation where I had to pray to God for letting someone go who I was meant to be with. God showed me that I was wrong for allowing fear to overtake me and run away from my blessing. The entire time I was mad at God for what I “Didn’t plan for” …but he showed me that I was the cause of it not working out.

    There’s nothing wrong with asking this question…& God will definitely provide signs to answer your questions…..we just gotta be ready for the answer. What if the answer isn’t….”What you planned for?”


  2. Rene Taylor says:

    You know this is really something I needed to read! I’ve been having this silent debate within myself about my life like how did I get here? Was I destined to be here? Did I make the wrong choice from jump? But usually I just end my debate with this “God if it’s for me please guide me and show me the right way in which I should go”


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