The WoMAN in the MIRROR

Have you ever took a step back…looked at yourself in the mirror and embraced YOU!!! The beauty in your eyes, the shape of your lips, that dimple that peak out when you smile?!

Today was my day!! The day that I looked in own eyes, through my eyes, from my eyes & saw Possibilities!!!
I saw Beauty, I saw a strong confident young woman who was once afraid to love but was still looking for love from people!! That certain love she missed as a child. Never realizing that while I was seeking a certain type of love from people–I was neglecting the Love that had been in my corner from the beginning. The love that picked me up off the ground when others threw me away. The love that saved me from my sins once and for all. The love that filled every void in my life.

Have you ever looked for something that was with you all the time but never took a step back to realize it?!
I was too caught up in myself that I didn’t have time to step back.

Today was my day!!! The day that I looked in my own eyes, through my eyes, from my eyes & saw Possibilities!!!
I saw the righteousness of God through Christ Jesus. I embraced my identity in Christ Jesus. I embraced him once again…the beauty about it all was that no matter how many times I left God…he never left me!! Each time I got caught up in (MYSELF) and didn’t acknowledge Christ in my Crisis….he would still welcome me back with open arms.

How many of you are walking around caught up in yourself?? Not embracing who God made you to be! Not acknowledging Christ in your Crisis! Thinking that you have it all figured out!

STOP!!! Take a second & look at the MAN OR WOMAN in the mirror. Embrace your beauty, Embrace your reality (Whatever that May be), Embrace the Christ within you, Embrace the fact that you don’t have it all figured out, Embrace the fact that God isn’t done with you yet, Embrace the face that through your mess..God will birth a message!!

Today can be your day!! The day that you look in your own eyes, through your eyes, from your eyes & see Possibilities through the God in you!!

-I Dare you to comment!!!!

-With Love,

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  1. Lady T says:

    Awesome! Some days are easier than others in this department for me. I’m so critical of myself. I AM my worst critic but you made me think after reading this. If God created me and I am constantly whining about what He gave me, that makes me ungrateful. I need to meditate on that more often. I also need to do a better job of protecting myself and my heart from people who come in and try to “fix up” my life because they think it should something different than what it is.


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