It’s been a long time coming! There has been up’s, downs, inside outs…etc. I have been through so much, each situation built another piece of me. What I thought was designed to break me, was actually here to build me up! My life was shattered into pieces to the point that I thought I couldn’t come back from it. Until Christ came along…I thought that I had to build myself up. I thought that if I started gathering the pieces back together that everything would be ok. I had it all wrong. The more I started to lean on Christ, the more that he used those situations to teach me lessons that I wouldn’t have learned unless I went through the pain.

Slowly, God used to same broken pieces and made me new. He didn’t have to make me over…he used my experiences to grow me up. It taught me things that my Parents didn’t. It taught me how to be more selective of the people I let in my circle. How to guard my heart above all else because it determined the course of my life. I never understood how important guarding my heart was until, I let the wrong one in and God revealed to me why he said it in his word.

Through all that I’ve been through I thought that I was so far from what God promised me. He quickly showed me that it was closer than I thought. I’m almost there and you are too. Keep pushing…keep fighting…keep praying. God got us!

Until next time,


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