Real Love…beyond the lights!

I recently watched the movie Beyond The Lights and that movie was EVERYTHING I needed it to be. I actually want to see it again, and again, oh and did I say AGAIN!

What caught my attention the most was the fact that the man saw her for who she really was… It was a connection like no other. He wasn’t trying to take from her nor did he have other motives. He genuinely fell for HER! The woman behind the glitz and glam. Many women are saying that good men are hard to find well, let me just say this were not supposed to be going out trying to find NO MAN….he who finds US will find a good thing.

If we put our desperation to the side and God allow him to come to us, then just maybe he will come. I still believe in TRUE AUTHENTIC LOVE! The kind without the extra additives in it that usually comes with alternate motives.. But the kind that’s Natural…it just blends perfectly between to perfectly imperfect people.

Now that I’m older and understand Love on another level…I can honestly say that I’ve never been in love with a Man here on earth… But I thank God that he sent Christ to be that example of how a Man is supposed to love me. Flaws & all at 22 I won’t give up on will happen in God’s timing! When you make up in your mind that you’re worth more than settling.. You understand that in knowing your worth you’ll have to wait patiently until God sends you your Soul Mate.

If you haven’t seen the movie please do so….its a breath taking, jaw dropping, heart captivating movie!

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  1. Lady T says:

    I didn’t get a chance to see this in theaters. I need to get this on blu ray when it’s available.


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